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See how Csmart’s industry-agnostic enhanced digital experience and an intelligent platform can unleash your business’s revenue potential


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Csmart CX

Engage your customers for a total digital customer experience with our Csmart CX suite comprising of Csmart CRM, Csmart Care and Csmart MApps

Csmart CRM

An industry-agnostic customer management solution bundled with embedded intelligence (AI) for an enhanced customer engagement enables you to provide a whole new level of customer relationship. It is further aligned with ready-to-use solutions for targeted industries like MVNx, OTT, FinTech, EduTech, etc.

Csmart Care

As part of the enhanced customer experience journey, our Csmart Care is supported with all the required characteristics to self-enable and to cater to all the needs of your end-customer, 100% digitally.

Csmart MApps

Our Csmart Mobile Apps enables you to provide an omnichannel experience to your end-customers and helps you boost customer satisfaction while optimizing your costs. Csmart MApps is fully white-labeled.

Csmart DX

Our Csmart Digital Exchange is a simple configuration driven framework which offers lightweight code for faster integrations. It enables businesses to leverage with other value-added services and quickly roll out new services. Csmart DX also offers ready-to-use verticalized solutions like 5G/telco networks, OTT, etc.

Csmart DC

Csmart Digital Commerce is an industry-agnostic and agile subscription charging engine which caters to any volume of transactions. It’s secure, safe, and can be easily integrated with legacy or any third-party products to cater to the monetization aspects.

Csmart DM

Our Csmart Digital Marketplace is built on the principles to assist service providers across diverse industries to launch a branded platform quickly, with multivendor monetization support and become part of the IIoT 4.0 revolution.

Learn how our cloud-native digital MVNx platform empowers MVNOs to go-digital!


Industry verticalized solutions for monetization

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Csmart product consulting is a select group of elite professionals with an in-depth knowledge to advise on the end-to-end process of subscription monetization for communications and enterprise markets.

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