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FinTech’s productivity has raised almost US$110 billion since 2009

FinTech is a combination of technology and financial services that has been transforming the way businesses operate. Over the years, the FinTech industry has evolved in significant ways leading the transformation of companies towards a customer-centric business. FinTech industries have emerged over time by using cutting-edge technologies tailored for specific functions. Now that the FinTech industry is clearly more than a hype, the extent of execution achieved in an organization's strategy gathers importance. 

According to the World FinTech Report 2018, an excess of 90% of FinTech firms said readiness and giving an upgraded client experience are vital to gain an upper hand, and over 76% referred to their capacity to grow new items and improve existing items and administrations as basic to progress.


How can we help

Platformication and API integration services help reshape the FSI with operational advancements including RPA, AI, ML, and Distributed Ledger Tech (DLT) along with revenue reconciliation which enables greater accuracy, agility, and effectiveness.
Leading banks and insurers are exploring mergers with FinTech companies which is expected to give an ROI of 20% based on investment in innovation projects. We provide consulting services to enable their vision.
We use innovative technologies that help FinTech deliver low-cost personalized products, raising customer expectations' bar to a new level while encouraging traditional firms.

Features of our solution:

Subscription-based e-commerce

As the solution is hosted on AWS/Oracle cloud there is a zero cost of deployment with all the benefits of a highly secure and continuously monitored environment. In the era of fast technological replacements, it updates its software versions every few weeks, all-inclusive in the annual subscription fee without any additional costs. 

E-wallet app development

The unbanked world is looking up to digital banks to give them ease of operations mostly for commodity transactions. The building feature sets integration to banks and crafts a business model user engagement compliance to legal norms.



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