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CSP to DSP - Digital disruption

1300 active MVNOs operating in 79 countries representing 2 billion+ mobile connections

Operators should expand beyond connectivity into service enablement or end-to-end service provisioning to create significant value. Content consumption, particularly video, is rising. Mobile is a key driver, with more people watching videos on their mobile devices for longer and more frequently. Connectivity will be commoditized and value generation lies in the applications, platforms, and services layer.


How can we help

Csmart makers have been thinking a step ahead by providing businesses handpicked industry solutions meeting customers' needs, be it convergent or platform solutions at the backend, or on cloud creating cloud-native solutions allowing organizations to replicate at multiple geographies at a pace faster than any boardroom can think!


Onboard customers at the touch of a button, give them the concept-cash-care journey with unlimited services and one bill approach


Delight customers with CX and seamless integration to buy, share or adjust packages at the touch of a button


Keep customers updated on how their experience can be enhanced, again at the click of a button

With Csmart MVNx, you can monetize your…

Digital platform

Bridging business and technology goals will help create new revenue streams for organizations and provide digital platform monetization opportunities, namely:

The convergence of pre & post-paid offerings

Faster go-to-market solutions with a cloud-native approach

Revenue against usage of all services

Real-time charging

Today the consumer wants immediacy, instant gratification, and instant rewards. To bear the brunt of this ever-changing landscape, CSP/DSP telcos  need to choose an optimal BSS solution which by default can do the following:

Reduce risk for digital BSS transformation by evolving existing products

Differentiate offers with a true digital experience

Create and launch new services in minutes

Data network

Data is the new oil and it affects the way businesses are run today. In the most common format, data is used 10 times more than any of the telco services today.

Customers pay for experience from movies to health care

Businesses and residences have customers that need data products and services delivered to their doorstep and they are willing to pay for the same


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