Csmart platform

Subscription monetization simplified

Csmart CX

Engage your customers for a total digital customer experience with our Csmart CX suite comprising of Csmart CRM, Csmart Care and Csmart MApps

Csmart CRM

The industry is looking for a new-age CRM that is coupled with next-gen features for a better customer experience and connect. The traditional engagement model won’t fly that easily with the millennials and Gen Z. To cater to the evolving needs of the market, Csmart CRM is bundled with the intelligence tracer using AI for customers’ behavior patterns to maintain a positive relationship with them. It comes with lots of advanced features that help transform the way enterprises do business! Plugged with an intuitive interface, it can manage all of the sales, marketing, support, and billing needs of an organization. A true cloud-based CRM application!  



Secure and self-driven

FAI driven targeting of profitable customers

Social CRM integration

In-built email exchange

Real-time reports and custom dashboard

Inventory management

Marketing campaigns

Improved sales-force efficiency and effectiveness

Responsive CRM

Targeted email campaigns

Dealer management


Csmart CRM is further enhanced and made ready for targeted industries like MVNx, xVNO, and OTT industries

Fully baked connectors that can plug & play with any third-party product suites in the solution stack and open API documentation will further simplify the implementation and fasten time-to-market. The agile features help to fit the product for SMBs and larger enterprises, bringing resilience to the customer in managing the instances to handle dynamic transaction volume for specific days.


Csmart Care

Customer satisfaction would not be secured only through services or products offered, it also depends on various experiences with service providers. One such experience is giving customers the freedom to access information everywhere from any device.
With self-care, Csmart delivers a customer experience of switching between devices and the flexibility to choose any device as a mode of the channel but still be able to manage the account, monitor its usage, and carry out various transactions from where they left before.
Enterprises need a self-care portal with affluent characteristics to satisfy customers and to make everything available to them. Csmart Care is built with interesting functionalities to support businesses.


Provide same experience regardless of the device used, with responsive screen

Boost marketing by presenting attractive services on the self-care homepage without the need to sign up

Give customers better control over their finances by displaying real-time usage, allowing bill payments or top-up, and most importantly, allowing them to make their transactions, transfer, request, or add money with the wallet feature

Simplify or reduce ticketing with interactive assistance for various processes like SIM setup

Save time by providing a provision to book an online or in-store appointment. Assist with store and hotspot locator

Bring in different users into the business by allowing anybody to sign up as a user to purchase other products like mobiles phones

Allow to manage other accounts and share their data allowance with the data transfer feature

The solution to creating customers' flex-plan based on their usage

Facility to offer different types of products and services through self-care shop

Provision to check network coverage and 5G availability

Allow users to track their orders, faults or cancel orders with orders and faults management

Device recycle feature to upgrade or sell old devices

An open community platform to discuss queries

Make customers advocates for enterprise brand with pre-integrated social media, allowing them to post about services

Extra features for business customers - The ability to set up users and different role definitions (organization, department, and users), allow bulk operations, dashboards, and reports for analysis

Perceive an advanced self-care to headway with advanced self-service experiences


Csmart MApps

Business-centric mobile apps are the gateway for enhancing digital customer life. A right parity of the features will enthrall customers and focus on improving their digital customer experience. The key ingredient for developing an app is to provide genuine and meaningful value to the user. To ensure the mobile app has a shot at success in that paradigm business and contemplating market needs, Csmart MApps is bundled with all the digital innovations to take customer experience to the next level.



Digital customer engagement through any device

Placeholder for digital marketing and coupons

Rewards and loyalty programs

Powered by industry-efficient AI algorithms for NBA, such as recommendations and promotions

Easy digital navigations for self-service and shopping cart experience

Pre-integrated with smart ticketing and feedback collector

Deep-linking with popular mobile apps in a single place for ease of access


Csmart MApps is fully white-labeled with personalized features, specific to industries like MVNx, OTT, IoT, and many more

It engages with customers over any digital channel and helps enterprises by cutting costs, increasing revenues, and boosting customer satisfaction. 


Csmart DX

Designing and managing the fulfillment of customer orders efficiently for both traditional and increasingly digital services requires an agile platform that can push for faster integrations and roll out new propositions. A product that offers a 3E formula i.e, ease of implementation, experience-rich CX, and economic CAPEX could be a game-changer in the segment and as a transactional layer, the product should be agile, reliable, and scalable. The Csmart DX (Digital Exchange) is power-packed with all of these and other industry exigencies.


Intuitive and configuration-driven portal for faster channel/system on-boarding

Microservices-based service orchestration and decomposition engine

Secure and multitenancy deployment options

Supports multiple protocol cartridges - MQTT, AMQP, gRPC, RESTful, SOAP, SMTP, SMPP, TCP/IP, and more

Multilevel fallout and retry management to reduce the erroneous percentage

KPI metrics with serialized transaction audit data

API policy management and entitlement for safe and secure access

Pre-integrated with geo-specific payment gateways and social channels


Csmart DX is a simple configuration driven platform that offers lightweight code for faster integrations

It drives to resonate businesses with other value-added services. Csmart DX is built over the open API concept, ready to plug for any 5G/telco networks using 'DX-Telco' and enterprises using 'DX – Enterprises'. It’s a fully cloud-native and future-ready system.


Csmart DC

Monetization is a revenue realization process of a service offering from an enterprise/business house. Industries are noticing a major left-shift in the service offerings and they are rapidly reshaping as the creative charging models are emerging in the market on a faster basis to surprise a customer. Csmart Digital Commerce offers a seamless and robust cloud-based charging engine that can enhance SaaS and other business models.


Enterprise package bundle with intuitive UI

Rule-based and real-time monetization

Agile retail/wholesale billing

Complex settlements and commissions

Wide variety of product models: Trial period, prepaid, post-paid, convergent, and hybrid models

Business cohort reports

Multilingual invoice template

Seamless business operations

Multitenancy and multicurrency model

Integrated with the best of industry payment gateways/wallet providers


Csmart DC is an industry-agnostic agile subscription charging engine that caters to any volume of transactions across different industry domains

It’s secure, safe, and can be easily integrated with legacy or any third-party products to connect the monetization intelligence in the solution.


Csmart DM

Csmart DM is a Digital Marketplace platform with open API where partners can self-service service catalogs powered with real-time engagement with vendors via a host provider platform. It allows different partners to sell their individual software & hardware and/or the whole solution, letting service providers purchase the customized software or hardware that suits their business. Some of the ways the platform can assist are modern monetization, zero-touch partnering, and omnichannel buying.

For host

Personalization – Complete white-label solution stack

Spinning of new instances within 72hours - Zero-touch orchestration, autonomous DevOps, and CI/CD process

Digital and self-service partner enablement - Drives growth by automating contractual agreements between partners and DSPs/CSPs

Real-time engagement – New business commercial partnering and monetization capabilities

For partners

Quick onboarding of sellers

Streamlined product management

Convenient order processing

For buyers

Powerful product search and display

Checkout flow tailored to buyers' needs

Reliable order processing and tracking

Seamless communication between buyers and vendors


Csmart DM offers a holistic 5G-ready Digital Marketplace

Csmart DM is built on platformization principles to assist service providers across diverse industries to launch branded platforms quickly, with multivendor support, and become part of the IIoT 4.0 industry revolution.

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